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, tensions are high in the u.s. and south korea are practicing military maneuvers off the korean peninsula. the world's most advanced aircraft, the f-22 is at the center of this morning's maneuvers. the f-22 raptor can detect missiles and evade missile sites with high tech equipment. the media got to see it in action as u.s. and south korean warships and helicopters practiced anti-submarine maneuvers. both militaries are preparing in defense just in case north korea were to attack. the u.s. may be on the verge of military action against iran. a former cia director says it seems more likely because no matter what the u.s. does diplomatically, tie raehran kee pushing ahead with their nuclear program. he predicts iran will be close to having an actual weapon soon and u.s. leaders said that military action, of course, is an option because sanctions don't seem to work. >>> check out the surveillance video, very close call. seven people were on board that boat that you see right there at the bullfrog marina when it exploded. amazingly most of the people were able to jump into the water for safet
in a little bit. >> thanks a lot, bob. developing news this morning. nato says soldiers found the body of a u.s. sailor who went missing from a compound in afghanistan. they have identified the dead sailor as 30 yard justin mcneley. he and another sailor disappeared on friday. a search is still on for the other sailor. the taliban claimed it killed one soldier and captured the other. >>> an update to a story we told you about yesterday morning. richmond police are looking for the man who car-jacked a car, accidentally kidnapping a 5-year-old girl in the back seat. the little girl was waiting in her father's car at a gas station when somebody stole it just before 6:00 yesterday morning. the thief dropped the little girl off a few blocks away. she is doing fine. >> the manhunt is over. both people suspected of shooting a virginia man in town for a job interview with google have been arrested. police arrested george huggins yesterday. a good samaritan held him down until police arrived. saturday, officers arrested huggins' fwoif at his oakland home. they found piles of stuffed animals, a wall of g
of the 1200 troop force that will start taking up positions along the southwest border of the u.s. on august 1st. the obama administration is trying to show a commitment to stopping cartel violence and illegal immigration by clamping down along the border with mexico. kidnappings, extortions, and thousands of deaths are blamed on drug cartels in mexico and the u.s. >> we're seeing a building on past efforts but also an increase in the resources devoted to the southwest border in an unprecedented way. >> troops will be stationed in california, arizona, new mexico, and texas and help the border patrol watch for smugglers and other people trying to cross the border illegally. >>> time now is 5:07. we want to check your morning commute with mike. >> good morning. we'll take you up to the north bay at this time. we have a little more construction sticking a round. this is southbound 101 at the off ramp. it's scheduled to be closed possibly another hour so local city areas know about the detours and as you're coming off the richmond center field bridge, 580, no major issues. you see speeds lifted up
on your salad or past a wants you to think again. many of the top grade sold in the u.s. may not be quite as advertised. research shows 69% of the imported oils and 10 mrs of domestic oils don't measure up to international standards. u.s. department of agriculture is working on standards for labeling. >>> if you do all of your banking online, bank of america may want your business. it's about to launch a checking account that customers can access online only. the e-banking account would not require a minimum balance and there are no monthly fees. however, the customer has to do all of their banking online or through atms and you have to agree to go paperless. customers who even think about using a teller to make deposit or withdrawal are going to get charged a fee. $9 fee for that. bank of america started testing the concept in georgia last november. they plan to offer the accounts nationwide next month. so -- >> don't even look at the tellers. >> don't go in there, don't talk to them, don't engage in conversation. >> what if you have a cash deposit? >> you're going to be in trouble. >> m
outside the u.s., puerto rico or canada. >> meantime, they don't have to travel as far to play the diamondbacks tonight. the game is in phoenix at 6:40. but they did not complete their sweep of the dodgers last night. they had a chance at it. dodgers pitcher chad billingsley shut down the offense. he pitched a complete game shut out. dodgers won, 2-0. >>> meantime, a's have the day off before the chicago white sox come to the coliseum on friday. they beat the white sox yesterday. matt watson tied it up with his first career home run and jack cust followed through. the final score there, 6-4. >>> do you love golf? tiger woods may still be the number one golfer and america's top earning athlete. but tiger woods' fortune did take a hit thanks to his extracurricular activities. according to "sports illustrated's" annual analysis, woods is still the highest earning pro athlete in america. but he will make $22 million less in endorsements this year than last. tiger's estimated total earnings for this year of $90 million, though that is down quite a bit from the $128 million he made t
the trivalley area and fairfield. a lot of heat over to the central part -- southwestern part of the u.s. and starting to come our direction. it stays over southern california if you're going to los angeles or the desert this weekend, pretty hot. same for the central valley. some of the moisture will give us afternoon thunderstorms in yosemite or kings canyon or kern county mountains. this system giving us stronger winds is moving off to the west a little bit, so we'll not see many of the 70s that we've seen over the past several days. we'll have a couple more 80s. a few more degrees warmer bit still running close to average or just below that today and tomorrow, and then next week we'll see more of the 70s. we've been talking about this all morning. dog day at the park for the a's' game. they're taking on the white sox tonight, if you want to check out the game and bring your dog to it. it will be fun. 80s today. more of the 70s and 80s tomorrow. as we go through the weekend, pretty nice. next weekend we'll start to cool it back down. send it back to you. >>> take your chupacabra to the
the government limit. bpa was also found on receipts from mcdonald's, whole foods, walmart, and the u.s. postal service. now, the american chemical council says that the bpa levels in receipts are very low and is not easily absorbed through the skin. many consumers, though, say they are happy about efforts to try to limit that chemical in california. >> i handled receipts just about every day. i've been concerned about bpa for some time now and try to get it out of the products that my baby bottles and sippy cups and what not, i make sure that's all bpa free. and hearing that it's on receipts, i would like to have as little of it in our environment as we can. >> the state assembly just passed a bill to ban bpa from food containers and baby products in january of 2012. and it goes to the governor's desk. he could sign it later on this year. >>> well, it's up to voters to decide in concord whether or not to increase sales tax. the city council unanimously approved placing a half cent sales tax measure on the november ballot. the vote makes concord the third contra costra county city to ask reside
and 1860, 5 million people immigrated legally to the u.s. in 1862, the homestead act encouraged naturalizing by giving citizens title to 160 acres. and in 1940, the alien registration act called for immigrants to get registered and fingerprinted. in 1952, the immigration and naturalization act pulled multiple immigration laws together under one law. >>> count on nbc bay area and nbcbayarea.com for continuing coverage of the immigration battle. >>> it's 5:03. in just more than three months, johan mehserle will be sentenced for killing oscar grant. the tribune reports opd is strategizing with other law enforcement agencies, their goal is to prevent the violence and looting that broke out when mehserle was convicted july 8th. that night looters caused more than $800,000 damage. >>> a water fight is broiling in the east bay. the issue is similar to what's happening between pg & e and its customers. a san leandro woman says her water bill tripled after a new meter was installed. the 93-year-old woman says she hasn't done anything differently but the meter says her use has skyrocketed
across the u.s. this is the scene in san francisco, just one of several protest all throughout theby area. demonstrators with a want to make sure that san francisco stays a sanctuary city as expected, arizona has appealed a federal judge's decision to block the most controversial parts of the new law. backers of the arizona law say police can still demand proof of citizenship if they have reason to doubt somebody's status. the state wants the immigration law to go into effect now, even as that issue continues to move through the courts. >>> a scam going on in san francisco could easily spread around the bay area. a woman advertising an apartment on craigslist scammed several people out of thousands of dollars. michael and julie were all set to move in with their dog, max, into an apartment on california in san francisco's richmond neighborhood. they handed rachel smith deposit checks for $5600 and signed police. two days later, alarm bells went off when she was talking about an exciting move with a co-worker. >> are you moving? oh what block? what does the house look like? what's the numb
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9